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The Ghost in the Machine

What has become of you, where have your words gone? She asked. I've been doing my downpour in red ink not in world wide net. It's long and complicated, this absence. Easiest way to explain it is to quote Wattie Buchan:

Don't let the bastards
Get to you
The future is chaos
And chaos is you

Life oh so delicious and vulgar. This past year, my fist have been doing all the talking and my lips all the fucking - a signal of angry dismissal. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is say yes. Yes to the need to set myself free. Yes to the urge to rectify the lies that were swallowed like gospel. Yes to the pain that runs naked through the halls of torment inside my head. Yes to the fair cunts that drip for a fucktoy with horns. Yes to painting it black and back to white again.

I'm by no means near absolution. So I pop open another can of dement and swing with a cracked smile across my face, knowing full well that my time is coming. I repeat what my old man used to say before leaving again: I fear no man, but every man fears me.

Enjoy the break of silence.

Wishing Well Apostasy

Miss Stasya

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