Del Fuego (radiateur) wrote,
Del Fuego

Hasta nunca angeles muertos

Amidst all the madness that is this mortal coil of mine I sometimes get to smile the idiot smile of a damn lucky fool. I've been surrounded by the one thing I love above all else, the beauty of the dame.

A demented parade of beauties have marched through my lens this week. They've bathed in blood, others have choked on rotting meat, some have gagged on rubber, while others have crawled on top of the dead, a few have fallen with grace, some have even gone up in flames... all the while, the look of satisfaction on their goddess faces. I've spent time with one of my most cherished partners in crime, La Loca. Along with her vato, we all laughed at morgue stories as fire slithered down our throats. Went shopping with my aussie sheila neighbor, cute horror look on her face as I handed her a pair of 6 inch stilettoes. I accidently bumped into a few relics I hadn't seen in years. Tales were told of the idiot pitfalls of some of the boys from the old crew. It's grand to know I'm not the only fuckup. I pounded a ghost into submission twice, a bit of the old ultraviolence always wets my loins. Got rid of some unnecessary shoulder weights, it's a blessed thing when you see the true nature of a beast. And the best part of it all is that every night, I've come back to Pretty and Tommy. We've had too many laughs, too much thai and way way too many nutter butters. It's been brought to my attention that I'm a bit of a wacko for being OCD with asian cusine even when I'm out eating Italian. How do I reward this kind ribbing and hospitality? With a black cat inside a coffin. Who's your daddy now?

I didn't think I would miss this place, it's nice to know you can be wrong sometimes.

Now it's time to get back to the old.

"I won't give up - it wants me dead! goddamn this noise inside my head."

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